[WotD] Friday, June 26 (Part II)

So, the deadlifts. Meh. With a side of Meh.

– 275# – 1×4 – This was enough to convince me that wasn’t going to be my work set, despite my fervent wishes going into the session.

– 225# – 1×10 – Okay, a bit too light, those went up easy.

– 245# – 3×8, 2×5, 1×6

I was trying to work on my stance (head up, back arched, ass down) with middling success; the 2×5’s I used more of a sumo stance with a mixed grip, and could definitely feel more glute activation, so I’ll probably try and keep that variety going. I definitely feel like I’m doing too much of the pull with my low/mid back; the last set, I made a conscious effort to engage my upper back.

On the upside, because it was a torrential downpour, the garage was only in the mid to upper 80’s, which, while not exactly uber-comfy, isn’t instant sauna conditions.


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