Coworker Challenge IV

We had a special remote guest join us via the wonders of the internet for the CWC this month.

She made some of the boys look bad. She had help, though.

Attendance on-site was thin, due to a whole slew of stuff, from vacations to obligations to work eating people’s faces. Big Dog was coming off an injury (which, naturally, he blames me for ;-) ), and, other than Pablo, there was a decided lack of “Go Get ‘Em” from the huddled, teeming masses.

7/7/09 Pullups Situps Pushups Squats Weight Volume Weighted
Rafe 25 88 101 (PR) 100 161.0 50,554 36,466.5
Mz. R n/a 63 31 44 140.0 19,320 12,285
Pablo 6 52 48 77 198.0 36,234 26,690.4
Big Dog n/a 35 (PR) n/a n/a
CTG 6 52 (PR) 35 (PR) 45 180.5 24,909 16,912.85

Pablo and I dropped fractionally in terms of volume (gross and weighted), and CTG, despite being disappointed with his squat performance, did manage to up his a touch, but not to where he was hoping to be.

So, on the main, it was a month of holding steady in the face of epic slacking off. I can definitely tell my wind isn’t where it ought to be, so once I’m done with the VD3, I’m probably going to be alternating squats, deadlifts, and assorted chest/back/shoulder lifts (with my eye primarily towards strength and secondarily a bit of mass) with a resumption of some cardio work (not long, slow, steady-state stuff; I’m thinking sprints and Crossfit/Gym Jones-style body blasts).

It’s funny, though — three months ago, I was thrilled with 25 pullups. Today, I’m disappointed and annoyed by doing the same amount.



  1. I weigh 140 lbs or so — I don’t have an exact number for you, sorry. [grin] It was fun. I’ll try to be faster next time.

  2. I really don’t like that I am putting on 2 pounds every month. Atleast my reps aren’t dropping. More improvements by next month!

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