[WotD] Monday, July 13

Holy crap, no monotonous bold type saying “Velocity Diet Workout # ____“!


– Side-to-side Pullups – 4×10 (5 to each side each set)
– Squats – 10# bar – practicing my form and stretching my shoulders (I also did 3×10 with the 45# Olympic bar on Sunday for the same reason)

After Hours:

– Resistance band shoulder stretches
– 10# squats for form and stretching, as well as instruction
– Squats – 45# – 1×10 / 135# – 2×10
– Bench Press – 45# 1×5 – 135# – 2×10
– Dumbbell Curls – 45# – 1×10

Yesterday (Sunday) was also “after” pictures from VD3, and the shot of my back is up there in “Progress and Vanity.”

I want a good V-taper, and to buff out the asymmetry (keen observers have probably noticed).

At the office, it’s going to continue to be chins and stretches and assorted light shit at lunchtime, and probably a bit of cardio (combination of endurance and HIT work; I have something evil to inflict on CTG tomorrow, but he knows it’s coming); at home it’s the real lifting – deads, squats, bench, and overhead press, maybe some curls. Basically, everything Rip covers in Starting Strength.

On the upside, because of the logistics of squatting on a bench rack, I know I have exactly the right depth when my ass hits the beam. :-) Now, if i could just do sets of 10 at my bodyweight confidently… 135, yeah. 155, hopefully next week.

VD3 wrap-up post is at SG today, the less-polite one will be here tomorrow, work permitting.


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