[WotD] Tuesday, July 14

The aforementioned wind sprints did not result in any misplaced calories, but that was only due to CTG’s strongly-clenched jaw.

In lieu of anything too formalized, I walked off about a hundred and fifty yards (150 longer-than-average strides, in any case) with a couple of cones so we’d have a consistent course; the objective was “sprint from one end to the other as fast as you can, then walk back, until it takes one of us twice as long as it did the first time.”

We got three good work sets, and then CTG’s body told him where to stick it. So, if nothing else, we’ve got a benchmark to work against next time.

Speaking of times:

Rafe: 23, 24, 25, 25
CTG: 28, 48, 50, DNF

Once I got home afterwards, I managed one fuck-ugly bench press at 135#, and wised up, working on deadlifts instead. Warmup of 1×10 @ 135#, then work sets of 1×10 @ 225#, 1×5 @ 275, and 2×1 @ 315, being mindful of proper form vis a vis Starting Strength‘s recommendations, which definitely bore some fruit.

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  1. Hey now, I did finish the last one. It just took two minutes.

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