Have a Bag of Fuck

Your host, expressing himself. Notice the dearth of flair.

So, both of you reading this will astutely notice that I haven’t written a goddamned thing in nearly a week. Having bad sushi, losing power, and otherwise having a lousy few days will do that. So, there was fuck-all for working out, unless you count puking as ab exercise. And if you do, you’re a cockbasket who needs to be thrown off my roof (but not in the direction of the power lines, since I’ve already had a tree branch fall on those, thanks).

Today at lunch, it was squat stretching, lunge stretching, hip stretching, and sets of 15 pull-ups. And, just to add to my fantastic mood, a couple of the ugliest 65# one-hand snatches with my left arm I’ve ever done (for values of “done” that include “not dropping the fucking thing on my face or feet”). Then a rush to eat something solid, because one more fucking protein shake wasn’t going to cut it.

About the only upside to being this pissed off in general, even feeling like moderate ass, was being able to knock out some more sets of 15 pull-ups before coming home.  There was more bad news after that, which may or may not translate into my doing stupid shit with the Olympic bar after banging this out. Or, maybe I’ll suck at lifting, and be that much more torqued off tomorrow.



  1. Well I guess I need to be thrown off your roof. lol. I wouldn’t recommend puking your colon up to be in your routine for ab workouts, but I have been sick to the point where my abs were sore. (Then again this was probably close to 10 years ago). Off days/week or so are just part of the progress. Consider it a way to light the internal Zippo of crazy workout guy. (or slosh it in gasoline).

    • If you get lippy, I can just kick your ass, though.

  2. Bad sushi? That SUCKS. Funny thing, if you aren’t already feeling a whole lot better, I found that some watered down Scivation Xtend did wonders during recovery from food poisoning. There’s a specific reason why, but it eludes me for the moment.

    I like the picture you posted though, pretty much sums up my mood this morning – but you probably already guessed that.

    • I’ve never heard of that stuff. I basically drank a lot of water, slept like ass, and took it easy. I’m hoping that I’ll be back up to speed today, or at least something closer to it.

      The best part of the story around the picture is that it was taken an hour before I conducted a wedding… by the official wedding photographer.

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