[WotD] Tuesday, July 21

I put a few days’ frustration to work — along with my new used iPod, stuffed with industrial and metal – Velvet Acid Christ and Prong are excellent lifting music — for tonight’s foolishness:

German Volume Training (GVT) Deadlifts – 225# – 9×10 + 1×5

Charles Poliquin, who knows a little something about picking up heavy shit with a purpose, recommends the following:

The goal of the German Volume Training method is to complete ten sets of ten reps with the same weight for each exercise. You want to begin with a weight you could lift for 20 reps to failure if you had to. For most people, on most exercises, that would represent 60% of their 1RM load. Therefore, if you can bench press 300 lbs for 1 rep, you would use 180 lbs for this exercise.

Since I was going by the seat of my pants as far as choosing the weight, it’s nice to know that I have a very, very accurate ass. I can do about 325#, therefore, 225# was just a touch heavy (but very, very easy to load on the bar — two 45# plates on each end of the bar, done).

I didn’t do any additional exercises paired with this. Most of the immediate muscle fatigue is in my mid-back, there’s a little bit in my quads, and almost none to speak of in my glutes/hamstrings/traps.

For those of you who may be interested in my supplement regimen, it seems germane to point out that I took a serving of NoXplode (the next-to-last one in the bottle I got some months ago from Affordable Supplements; I only use it on days I know I’m going to push extra hard) and Surge Workout Fuel — the combination of blue raspberry and lemonade flavors works fairly well. During the workout, I had some more SWF (30 minutes in a 90 degree gym, even with a fan, is a sweaty proposition, so hydration matters). Afterwards, I mixed some Cellmass with the remainder of the SWF (grape and lemonade isn’t quite as tasty, but when your body is saying “DUDE, PROTEIN, CARBS, AND AMINO ACIDS, NOW,” it works), along with a couple fish oil capsules, two ibuprofen (as anti-inflammatories — just in the course of writing this, my back’s calmed right the fuck down), and a couple branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) tablets.


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  1. ooo velvet acid christ yum!

    enjoying reading your blog :)

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