Oh God, Not a Meme!

Since today’s workout is going to be “Softball practice with coworkers for an hour or two” after “do a whole fucking lot of shoulder stretches,” neither of which makes for particularly thrilling reading (and if any of it does, it’ll show up), here’s the output of one of those nuisance “25 random songs” things.

Since the used iPod is full of nothing but workout music, you’ll notice some unsurprising trends.

  1. In Flames, “Land of Confusion” (cover)
  2. Prong, “One Outnumbered”
  3. Suicide Commando, “Hellraiser”
  4. Delerium/TJ Tiesto, “Silence (In search of sunrise remix”
  5. Disturbed, “Want”
  6. Informatik, “At Your Command”
  7. White Zombie, “Children of the Grave”
  8. VNV Nation, “Honour (2003)”
  9. Marilyn Manson, “Cryptorchid”
  10. Alice in Chains, “Them Bones”
  11. Apocalyptica, “Nothing Else Matters” (cover)
  12. Depeche Mode, “Master and Servant (Razormaid mix)”
  13. L’ame Immortelle, “Gefallen”
  14. Assemblage 23, “Opened”
  15. Metallica, “Unforgiven (instrumental demo)”
  16. Front Line Assembly, “Psychosomatic”
  17. Conjure One, “Redemption”
  18. Styx, “Mr. Roboto”
  19. Marilyn Manson, “Para-Noir”
  20. Velvet Acid Christ, “Fun With Drugs (Aphetamine Club Overkill)”
  21. Metallica, “Disposable Heroes”
  22. Sisters of Mercy, “Under the Gun”
  23. Joan Jett, “Crimson and Clover”
  24. Sisters of Mercy, “Lucretia My Reflection”
  25. Disturbed, “Violence Fetish”

Bold: Turned up, especially when lifting

Italics: Probably skipped past, unless stretching or doing cardio

Yes, I would crank “Mr. Roboto.”

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