[WotD] Wednesday, July 29


– Assorted stretching
– Chins & pullups (3×10, total)

After Hours:

– EDT: Parallel-grip Pullups / Narrow Dips – 9 minutes – 45 each (3×7 + 4×6)*
– Side Plank Hold – 60 sec each side
– Swiss Ball pushup step-offs (assume pushup position w/ feet on the ball, take one leg out to the side and touch the ground with the toe, then bring it back atop the ball) – 15 each leg
– One-arm KB carries – 36# – 60 meters each side
– Two-arm suitcase carry – 2×65# – 60m
– KB shoulder hangs – 54# – 2 min each side

* Not real impressed with myself by that; the last couple of 15 minute sessions have been upwards of 75 reps; the only area of improvement here was using a more controlled pace for each rep, and coming to a stop at the bottom, rather than taking more advantage of the bounce out of the stretch reflex. What was also atypical was that the dips were a lot easier than the pullups; either my triceps are getting stronger, or my biceps just had an off day.


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