[WotD] Monday, August 3

At lunch, I failed, twice, to give blood, due to overcrowding of the bus where the donations were being taken (unfortunately, their logistics and the limitations of my lunch hour meant I couldn’t simply go back at knocking-off time).

Thus, I was able to get in a light workout before tomorrow’s rendition of the Co-Worker Challenge (which, natch, most of them forgot until I mentioned it the last couple of days… I expect attendance to be thin), and hit those parts that aren’t my best.

After Hours:

Deadlift: 135 @ 1×5 / 225 @ 3×5 (with a five-count hold at the lockout of each rep)
Front Squat: 45 @ 2×5 / 95 @ 2×5 (PR)
Power Clean: 45 @ 2×5 / 95 @ 2×5 (PR)
Press: 45 @ 2×5 / 95 @ 2×5

Total Volume: 9,250

The front squat and power clean numbers are personal records only because I’ve never done them before. My wrist flexibility sucks, and I need to work on getting my elbows up a lot more. I was gratified by the fact that I wasn’t trying to support the center of the barbell with my throat, as I was the last time I tried to front squat, but it’s going to take some doing.


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