Coworker Challenge V

So, the fifth time around, how did everyone… okay, a small subset of everyone… do?

Not too shabby, across the board, with everyone but Yours Truly throwing up at least one PR.

Speaking of throwing up…

7/7/09 Pullups Situps Pushups Squats Weight Volume Weighted
Rafe 24 85 65 113 165.5 47,333 34,961.9
Mz. R 3 65 35 56 145 23,055 15,406.25
Pablo 8 62 (PR) 51 76 199.0 39,203 28,138.6
E.P. 21 46 (PR) 51 54 (PR) 163.0 28,362 20,896.6
CTG 10 (PR) 55 (PR) 35 53 (PR) 179.0 27,387 19,108.25

Lesson time, kids: don’t drink 24 ounces of milk an hour before doing shit like this. There was no puke, but it was a near thing. EP was feeling similarly unwell by the end of things, including doing all this with a nicely-sliced finger.



  1. I bet the boys never thought I would be catching them, but I am almost there! Weighted volume to hit 20k+ next month. I can feel it.

    • Oh and going through my records, I hit 60 squats in June. So 53 is not a PR. =/

      • Yeah, I should probably keep a full spreadsheet of everyone else’s numbers, instead of just looking month-to-month, but that quickly approaches becoming “work.”

  2. […] Coworker Challenge V […]

  3. Ugh, to the milk. That sounds terrible. Also, “puke” is a really dreadful tag.

    Three pull-ups, 65 situps, 35 pushups, 56 squats. 145 lbs.

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