From the Office…

I hope my users appreciate the time and craftsmanship that goes into their event tickets, especially on Friday.

User reported “Internet Explorer is doing something funky.”

I was dubious. “Funk” is a fairly subtle and nuanced state of techical output, after all. I was expecting, perhaps, scuzz, or flotsam, or gibberish.

User was right. There was definitely funk.

De-funked it by clearing her temporary internet files. [Application]’s’ Javascript cache is now funk-free.

The user even got an impromptu serenade of me singing “Get the Funk Out.”



  1. LOL. The smaller things are usually the most amusing. As are emails that say “not to set things on fire because it is said to be bad.”

    • It is not “said to be bad.” It IS bad.

      • Not always…remember Office Space?

    • I love one I got assigned yesterday while out on an all-department trip (to visit wiring closets of the outreaches):

      “It won’t work.”

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