Shallow Shoulder Shit

So, to ease back into things after taking last week off, yesterday and today have, thus far, time permitting, been spent doing vanity work. Not necessarily the most functional hypertrophy or strength training, but lats and delts are an easy place to target to try and work on a decent inverted trapezoid between the waist and neck.

Rather than do anything too highly structured, it was simply a matter of grabbing a pair of 15’s I’ve got at the house and doing 15 rep delt quads (lateral raise, forward raise, Arnold press, and rear flyes), along with some chinups/pullups as the mood struck.

… and throwing out my couch, but I had help for that.

I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things with the Starting Strength program, especially since I have two and a half weeks before my first social impetus engagement, and want to make sure I’m ready to rock that particular catbox. While it was lovely getting approving/dirty looks (as appropriate) the past couple of weekends, I’m not quite satisfied with where I am. There are hipsters to offend, and goofy photographs to participate in.

I may reconsider my position about doing strict double-overhand grips for deadlifts, if that looks like it’s going to be a seriously limiting factor.  I’ll go unequipped as much as I can, but may use alternating mixed grips at the high end, or practice using the hook grip to see if that improves matters.


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