[WotD] Sunday, August 30

So, in a fit of moderate foolishness, I wanted to get in a German Volume Training (GVT) session today, the intent being to do both squats (@ 1x bodyweight) and deadlifts (@ 1.5x BW).

Essentially, the aim is to do 10×10 at 60-65% of 1RM; fortunately, this maps quite well to the bodyweight-based figures I’d had in mind going in.

Squats: 45 @ 2×5 / 115 @ 1×5 / 165 (BW) @ 10×10

Took approximately 20 minutes for 10×10’s.

Five minute intermission.

Deadlifts: 135 @ 2×5 / 205 @ 2×5 / 245 @ 1×5

Total Volume: 22,230

Squats felt good, and definitely different doing sets of ten under the bar than the usual Starting Strength proscribed sets of five. Uh, not so much on the DL’s. I blame the heat and a lack of food. Maybe next time.

For your dining and dancing pleasure, this is what one of these sets looks like:


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