Coworker Challenge VI

Sixth CWC saw a new face and a new event (the not-quite-hundred-meter-dash; pacing it off ballparks it at ~80 meters) added to the mix, and a whole lot of going balls-out.  There was a little bit of paying the piper afterwards, as some folks couldn’t get the last couple moves in, and variations on the theme of “Okay, I’m gonna puke” were heard.

I ended up with a splitting exertion headache, but it was well-earned.

9/1/09 Pullups Situps Pushups Squats Weight Volume Weighted
Rafe 31 77 80* 118 (PR) 167 51,102 38,735.65 10.98
Ry Guy 1 45 30 50 241 30,366 21,147.75 13.89
Pablo 10 62 51 83 (PR) 202 41,612 30,380.80 13.90
E.P. 21 49 26 164 15,744 9,241.40 13.52
CTG 12 (PR) 25 180 6,660 5,310.00 12.40
Hitman 10 57 50 65 206 37,492 26,769.70 13.17

There was no puke on-site, but it was a near thing.

* That was a much more honest 80 than some of the bigger numbers of months past; the first 75 or 77 were done nonstop, instead of catching a brief breather every fifteen reps north of 50.



  1. Damn it man. Seeing as I was second fastest, I refuse to do it next month… atleast before I do anything else. It should be the last thing we do imho. Sounds crazy after squats, but racing everybody at one time would be a mmotivator. (Like two timers and two runners at a time)

    • Can’t do it like that because we only have one stopwatch. Everyone races in a vacuum.

      And, no, we’re doing it first, because it’s a good warmup for everything else.

  2. […] Coworker Challenge VI […]

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