Ow, goddammit.

So, in a non-delicious bit of possible irony, or merely annoying coincidence (fuck you, Alanis), shortly after doing a write-up on exertion-induced headaches over at ShrinkGeek, I started getting them myself.  During the squat event of the last CWC, about rep 100 or 110, I got a splitting headache, beginning at the back of my head, and then proceeding around the sides, like a monk’s tonsure.

Any more-than-moderate exertion lasting over five minutes ever since brings that un-lovely sensation back. I’ve been treating it with stretching, a cold pack, ibuprofen, and naproxen sodium, though I’m going to get on the horn to a medical professional here shortly (as well as get a cranial/cervical massage in case it’s just tightness, despite two excellent shoulder/back massages last week).

So, yes, in yet another way, I need my fucking head examined.


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