Lots of Lunch

International pot-luck lunch at the office today trumped doing a full midday routine, and I really don’t feel to bad about getting seconds of the cold noodle/peanut/chicken/cucumber salad.

Shrinkgeek’s also getting back into a more normal publishing schedule. If that’s purely through force of will, I’ll take it (for now).

– 2×15 Pullups
– 1×25 Pushups
– 1×20 Glute bridges (each leg, 5sec hold)
– 25# delt complex (10 reps)
– 2×10 bent-over one-armed DB rows @ 65#


1 Comment

  1. That’s the one sucky thing about working in an office of 5 and having only 2 girls. Potlucks are not even an option. It stinks too, because I’m hungry.

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