Back in Black

The neurologist thinks I’m fine, so we made a deal:

I drink enough water and do a strenuous workout. If my headache comes back, she sets me up for an MRI.

The doc also said that decapitation has a 100% success rate at curing headaches. I asked her how she was with a cordless drill.

What we’ve ruled out: an actual aneurysm.

What we haven’t: pretty much anything else, from mere exertion-induced hypertension to the serious, heavy-duty shit.

So, I’ve got the green light to work out normally again.


– Pull-Ups – 15/10/10
– Pushups (18″ elevation of feet) – 3×25
– One-Arm Rows – 65# – 3×20 (each side)
– Glute Bridges – One Leg – 1×20 (each, 5sec hold) / Both – 1×20 65# (5sec hold)
– Situps – 1×25


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