[WotD] Friday, September 25

My second of two trial days on 5/3/1, this time, squats. My rationale is, I’m going to be off until a week from Monday, depending what sort of facilities and motivation I’ve got while I’m on vacation, so I might as well do the two most demanding lifts to ballpark things.


Bent-Over Rows (1H): 2×20 @ 65

Pullups: 2×10

After Hours:

Pullups: 1×23

Squats: 2×5 @ 45 / 1×5 @ 135 / 5×5 @ 165 / 5×5 @ 185 / 5×5 (+5) @ 205

Squat Volume: 16,025

The +5 is part of how 5/3/1 pushes you — on the last set of the workout, you want to do at least the number of reps it calls for, and then keep going as far as you can. I’m pleasantly surprised at that closing set of ten reps.

Right now, for the four lifts, I’m basing my percentages on the following figures (estimates of 90% of my 1RM):

Bench Press: 200#

Overhead Press: 100#

Deadlift: 325#

Squat: 250#


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