[WotD] Tuesday, October 6

Hey, where the hell is the Co-Worker Challenge?

Called on account of:

  • Homework (Hitman)
  • Vacation ( E.P.)
  • Laziness (CTG)
  • Pants (Yours Truly forgot his workout shorts)

It’ll happen next week. That said…

So, instead, I did a Dan John workout on a dare. “Pick one of those,” my friend said. Said friend had earned it, as she did half the CWC at lunch (a PR of 10 pullups, and then 94 squats). Yes, guys, she just beat all your asses in the squat department, and almost all of you in pullups… and she hasn’t been lifting in three months.


Front Squat: 4×5 @ 100

Plank Hold: 45 sec x3 (between sets)

Bent-Over Row: 2×10 @ 100

Honestly, the hardest part was getting my wrists to limber up for the front squats — I seldom do them for that reason, and I wasn’t getting true ass-to-heel depth until the third set, which is why I did the fourth.



  1. Dan John workouts… its funny, I’ve been adding that “big 55” one as “part 2” of certain days. Good stuff!

    • I’m figuring that one will be a good complement to my lunchtime stuff, since the KBs are still at the office.

  2. And 63 pushups! I think I’m going to give the big 55 a try tomorrow.

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