Asking for trouble

I find myself with a couple of free hours, between knocking off for the day at 4:45, and the softball game at 7:30. So, naturally, since I’m going to be stuck at the office (it makes no sense to drive fifteen miles two extra times, given that I’d have, at best, an hour layover at home), I’ve been soliciting workout requests from various parties.

Person A: Handstand pushups, and both squat variants for the CWC (they had mistakenly been going ass-to-grass, not merely to parallel)

Person B: Weighted pullups, and the 10-9-8 … 3-2-1 progression of kettlebell swings and goblet squats

So, at lunchtime, I undertook the less-sweaty half of each.

Handstand Pushups: 5, to a depth of about 4-5″ from the ground (I had a rolled-up yoga mat under the crown of my head). Trying to get down to “folded over towel” depth resulted in my struggling heroically to not go anywhere at all. I may try this again without the partial reps first.

Weighted Pullups: 1×10 @ bodweight, 1×5 @ 36# (warmups) / 1×8 @ 54# / 1×5 @ 72#

I did the 10 and 9 rep sets of the kettlebell swing and squat, and promptly knocked that shit off, since I don’t have showering accouterments at the office.

Audience participation is welcomed for this evening’s pregame session.


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