Fantastic or Failtastic?

So, my buddy Dave was bitching that he hasn’t been diligent about getting to the gym as much as he should, and was asking for some advice to get some more aerobic stuff with his strength training.

I summarily pulled something together, possibly straight out of my ass. I have no idea if it’s a good idea or not, which is why I’m putting it out there for peer review (ie: you).

To try and kick up the aerobic/anaerobic impact of regular set work, I came up with the following:

Replace the final work set of each given exercise (bench press, squats, curls, etc) with a round of HIIT/Tabata protocol.

If your regular bench press routine is 3×15, you would do 2×15, with your usual one or two-minute break between sets, and the third “set” would be 4x 20 second work/10 second rest, at max effort.

Then you get the three to five minute break as you move to the next station, preferably either a complementary (antagonist) or opposite half (upper/lower) move; ie: bench to squat, or bench to row.

I will probably try this myself for the support exercises this evening (Good Mornings & hanging leg raises — it’s deadlift day!).

Found the power cord for the video camera, too, so there may be some of my poorly-edited, boringly-shot footage of the ensuing shenanigans.


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  1. hmmmmm hoping he’s in decent shape. What I’ve been doing is a couple hundred kb swings after any given strength training workout – 30sec work, 30sec rest – its been darned effective….

    Not sure that the tabata protocol will be as effective broken up like that, especially with a 3-5 minute break. It may be best to recommend a cardio day for him, but some form of high intensity cardio (sprints/jogs) that he might be able to do at home. Of course, kettlebell swings would be optimal for that. HEY its like I’m selling the darned things… yeash!

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