Coworker Challenge 6a

Well, we generally collectively sucked today. There’s no sugar-coating it. We sucked so much I’m not even going to the trouble of using the <table> tag to make things look pretty.

Oh, you lucky dogs, the C&P from Excel kept the half-assed formatting.  Kind of.

Name | weight | pullups | situps |pushups | squats | raw total | adjusted total

Rafe 171 22 83 55 85 41895 29848 CTG 181 7 41 21 35 18824 12860 Big Dog 297.5 30 22 44 28560 20795 Pablo 203 8 58 46 70 36946 26491

Yeah, that was a whole bucket of “gee, can you tell folks haven’t been working that hard the last couple months?” I’m particularly disappointed in my performance. I can tell that the extra bulk is slowing me down and hampering my endurance, which is why I’m starting to kick in more speed and power work.

On the upside, plenty of volume for most folks (including Pablo, who thought that getting 25k per workout 20x this month would be impossible.  Big man put up nearly 26,500).

Lunch: Pushups (25 @125: 3125)

Running Total: 65,773



  1. Dude, I’m gonna come back hard next month

  2. I failed, but not as bad as I thought. Improvements shall be made!

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