[WotD] Monday, November 9

5/3/1 – Overhead Press (Cycle 2, Week 1)

Overhead Press: 1×10 @ 45 / 3×3 @ 85 / 3×3 @ 105 / 3×3+0 @ 125 (3285)

Power Clean: 1×5 @ 125 (625)

Pullups: 5×10 (strict) (8400)

Pushups: 6×25 (21000)

Total: 33,310

HaMilLiMo Running Total: 219,523

In less fun news, I’ve got a bitch of a sore throat, which came on yesterday evening. *mutter*

Hey, it could be worse; I could be Nate Green — sure, he’s younger, healthier, more famous, and in better shape than I am, but the poor fucker has Bacon Plague.


  1. bacon plague? Poor guy. I noticed on his website he seems to offer advice on how to “get the girl” he’s teaching guys how not to be jerks, right???!!?!!? If so, how can I donate to his cause?

  2. I think he’s probably talking in terms of aesthetics, but he seems to have his head screwed on right, so it’s entirely possible that he’ll expand on and amplify the advice I gave the guys who used to call my work phone while looking for “The Player’s Little Black Book” (not linking their site, because the guy who runs it is a cockbasket):

    “Bathe. Make eye contact. Smile. Speak well. Hit the gym.”

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