It’s not a step to the left or a jump to the right.

I hate the fucking “Time Warp” and the movie it comes from, okay? I realize this makes me a bad goddamned freak, but there it is.

However, since I’m also the next thing to inept when it comes to jumping rope, and the calves need work along with some cardio action, something needed to be done.

Enter the DragonPogo.

So, I found a short song (Victims of Science’s “The Device Has Been Modified“), which I will go POING POING POING to for the duration. I’ve noticed the difference between this move (calf-dominant, legs straight, feet remain together) and jumping rope (quad dominant, legs bend, feet separate to the sides, rather than straight back and together), and feel like less of a spastic asshole. At about 120bpm (beats/bounces per minute) for 2:30, that’s roughly 300 reps per set, which should bear some fruit.


Poing: 1x 2:30 @ 120bpm (51000)
Plank Hold: 2:30

Medicine ball foam rolling: 15 minutes, primarily on some keen discomfort in my lats/traps/teres and quads/hams (some of the quad knots made me see stars the first time they let go. Yeah, ouch.)

HaMilLiMo Running Total:270,523

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