[WotD] Wednesday, November 11

Let’s try this again, without last week’s ration of lame.

5/3/1 – Deadlift Day

Having learned a more accurate 1RM (~415), this time around, I’ll be working at 90% of that (ie: 375), instead of my unintentional lowball estimate of 350 for the first rotation (for a working max around 325). If I can avoid using my VersaGripps, I will, even if it entails moving to a mixed grip for the heaviest sets (which I will alternate; first set is right hand supinated, second set left, and then the max-rep set I’ll start with my right, and may switch between reps, or after every pair, or whatever).

Warmup: 1×5 @ 135 / 1×5 @ 225 (1800)

Work Sets: 3×3 @ 265 / 3×3 @ 305 / 3×3 @ 345 (PR) (8235)

Supplemental work:

Good Morning: 10×10 @ 95 (9500)

Front Squats: 1×10 @ 95 (950)

Pullups: 5×15 (12750)

Pushups: 4×50 (24000)

Total Volume: 57,235

HaMilLiMo Running Total: 334,008



  1. Damn, you’re going to be bigger than me at the next cruise! I better hit the bench soon to catch up! Glad to see you’re keeping with your program.

    • Well, I don’t necessarily want to be bigger. Of the 17# I’ve put on since my lowest weight (in June), about 2/3 of it has been muscle, but the extra weight from fat (and body fat %) will need to be done away with.

      Now, I just need to see about *affording* the cruise, because right now, it’s not looking too likely, unfortunately.

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