[WotD] Thursday, November 12

Softball this evening is an iffy proposition, due to potentially light turnout. Which is a goddamned shame, since the high today is supposed to be 70 degrees, and it’s fucking beautiful out. Kind of day that makes me wish I didn’t suck at golf, really, or resemble Happy Gilmore when I do actually play.

And, yes, I do wear a hockey jersey when I golf, but there’s no way in hell it’d be a Bruins sweater. I may live in Tampa, but my jersey says SABRES on it, thank you very much.


15 minutes of self-abuse medicine ball “foam rolling”

Pullups: 4×15 (10200)

One-arm Overhead Press: 1×5 each arm (12# medicine ball) (120)

Poing: 5 minutes @ 120-130bpm (to And One’s “Panzermensch”) (102000… hmm, this seems kind of cheesy in terms of adding volume)

Romanian Deadlifts: 2×10 @ 65 (this was mostly a stretch, to help work out the kinks (1300)

Total Volume: 13,620 / 115,620

HaMilLiMo Running Total: 347,628 / 449,628


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