[WotD] Tuesday, November 17

So, I’ve learned something — lifting real weight after doing that cardio circuit?  Ha ha ha no.

Shoulder complexes: 2×10 @ 2×15# (360)

Cardio shenanigans, a time and a portion through:

Repeated Vertical Jumps – 8 reps (2x)
Pull-ups – 2 reps short of failure (15) (1×15 / 1×10)
Lunge Jump – 6 reps per side (2x)
Close-grip Pushups – 5 reps short of failure (20) (2x)
1 and 1/2 rep Bulgarian Split Squats – 10 reps per side (1x)
Regular Pushups – 2 reps short of failure (25) (1x)
Bodyweight Rows – 15 reps (1x)
Bodyweight Squats – 25 reps (1x)
Mountain Climbers – 15 reps per side (1x)
1-Arm KB Swings – 10 reps per side (36#) (1x)

First full cycle was complete in 7:15, followed by the better part of five minutes gasping for breath, drinking water, and trying to keep my shit together.  Jesus Christ.

Total Volume: 33,730

HaMilLiMo Running Total: 448,573


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