[WotD] Thursday, November 19

5/3/1 – Overhead Press – Week 3

So, only three days behind schedule, which isn’t too bad. The deloading week is coming up, and if it gets slightly truncated, that’s not a huge deal.  Do to operating with a skeleton crew at the office next week, I won’t be getting my lunchtime workout(s) in anyhow, other than sprinting down and up four flights of stairs (to and from the cafeteria) to nuke some lunch.

Early Morning:

Delt Complex: 1×10 (1800)


Pullups: 4×15 (10200)

Elliptical: 11 minutes (2 minute intervals)

After Hours:

Overhead Press: 1×10 @ 45 / 3×5 @ 95 / 3×3 @ 115 / 3×1+1 @ 130 (PR) (3430)

Delt Complex: 3x10 (5400)

Total Volume: 20,830

HaMilLiMo Running Total: 497,128

I was hoping to do 135# for the top set, but after getting it about nose-high on two attempts, I backed off to 130#.  Fortunately, I’ve got 2.5# plates, so 5lb increments are doable, and may be the order of the day on this lift going forward.  5# a month will put me at my goal of pressing my bodyweight sometime between May and August, depending on where that goes.  175# for my birthday at the end of July doesn’t seem too shabby.


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