There’s a Cap(sule) for That

Not exactly a balanced breakfast...

I’ve actually been cutting way back on the pile o’ pills I take (due budget cuts on the home front), so instead of the laundry list it was a couple of months ago, it’s fairly modest:

  • Fish Oil (I prefer the stuff from, since it doesn’t have any taste or that lovely burp factor, but the cheap-ass, generic bottle from CVS works)
  • Vitamin D. I take between 10 and 20k IU (which sounds like a lot, but @ 2k IU per capsule, it’s like three with breakfast/lunch/dinner, and one at bedtime)
  • Tribulus Terrestris extract for T support. I just take the non-compounded stuff (a’la Alpha Male, which is awesome, but spendy).
  • Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) (Amino acids feed muscles and keep your body from snacking on them)
  • Beta-Alanine (workout endurance support)
  • L-Leucine powder in my protein shakes

On heavy training days, I may take some L-alpha-Glycerophosphocholine, but this is far from an every-day thing.



  1. What’s the reasoning behind taking that much vitamin D? I have recently incorporated D3 into my supplements but I’m taking nowhere near that much.

    • A couple of reasons. First, I was almost certainly running a deficiency, due to the following:

      1. I get approximately no sun exposure.
      2. I could stand to drink more milk

      Secondly, as a strength supplement, based primarily on

      It seems to be doing what the research cited there suggests, as well as having a couple of other beneficial effects.

      • yeah i read that article on T-muscle too. But even it said to take 5K IU at most that sounds a little bit excessive. But its you’re body bro have you had good results with that much?

        • Definitely, even if it wasn’t all strength-related. It took the edge off of some other stuff that stems from lack of sun, which seemed to be the biggest thing.

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