[WotD] Friday, November 27

Who has two thumbs and was in the office by himself all day?


So, I cranked up the tunes, did the pushups every hour*, and came home for a rousing game of “Spot the guy who lived in Buffalo.” That would be the guy stripping off his shirt and dripping sweat in 58 degrees because it’s too fucking warm. They’re calling for a low of 40 tonight. Can I just say how thrilled I am to have something resembling seasonal weather?

Suffice it to say, today would have been far better spent playing football with a bunch of buddies than dealing with broken computers.

Pushups: 25×10 (30000)

Deadlift: 2×1 @ 225, 10 sec hold (450)

Upright Row: 2×5 @ 135 (1350)

Javelin Press (one hand overhead press w/ Olympic bar): 1×10 @ 45 (each arm) (900)

Squat: 5×5 @ 135 / 10×1 @ 185 (do one rep, rest for three breaths without racking the bar, do another rep….) (5225)

Total Volume: 37,925

HaMilLiMo Running Total: 627,823

Turkey day was anything but a disaster, really. I could have done without all the frosting on the one chocolate cupcake I had, but otherwise, it was some darn fine vittles put together by my better half and a bunch of our friends. However, returning to the football motif… holy hell, do the Raiders and Lions suck.

* My plan for these is to ratchet it up by 5 reps a week. Next week will be 25’s, the week after will be 30’s, and so on.


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