[WotD] Monday, November 30 – HaMilLiMo Wrapup

I actually was able to get away from my desk for a lunchtime workout today, after last week’s skeleton-crew staffing at the office putting the kibosh on any such shenanigans. To that end, I’m trying to get back into my routine and un-fuck my back.

Naturally, this means doing things that directly target the parts that hurt. Amazingly enough… it seems to be working.

Despite the daunting-sounding figure of half a million pounds that was my objective at the beginning of the month, it turned out to be fairly easy to attain (despite a nagging injury that precluded picking up the heaviest weights in my regimen).  I’m hoping to be able to return to that stuff soon, of course, and may be modifying my plan of attack, though I still want to reach my long-term goals, or at least make a hell of a good showing along the way to them


Jumping Jacks: 1×50 (not counted)

MacGuyver Glute-Ham Raises: 3×10 (counting @ 90% BW – 4500)

Alternate-Grip Pullups: 1×10 / 1×8 / 1×10 (each side) (4675)

Pushups: 1×25 each hour, 1×50 at lunch (250 total) (30000)

Dragon Flag: 2×10 (counting @ 50% BW – 1600)

Delt Raises (lateral, reverse fly): 1×15 @ 20 (600)

Medicine Ball rolling

After Hours:

MacGuyver Glute-Ham Raises: 2×10 (3000)

Alternate-Grip Pullups: 2×10 (each side) (3350)

Dragon Flag: 2×10 (1600)

Tricep Pushdowns (angle bar): 2×10 @ 75 (1500)

Dumbbell Bench Press: 1×10 @ 2×65 (1300)

Delt Complex: 3×15 @ 2×15 (1350)

Total Volume: 53,475

HaMilLiMo Final Total: 681,298

High volumes of bodyweight exercises are obviously where it’s at. 750k doesn’t seem at all unreasonable, and even a full million isn’t too big a stretch, especially doing 250+ pushups a day; adding a lower-body move at a similar volume would probably make this trivial, even if I lose some weight. Next time around, maybe it should be a half million pounds of non-bodyweight lifts. That seems pretty challenging.

Who’s up for it in, say, January?


  1. agreed, next time, non-bodyweight and I’ll be more impressed. That being said, good job sticking with a goal and surpassing it!

    • We’ll see how the next one goes. I really want my back to stop bothering me so I can lift heavy, even though low reps don’t build a ton of volume overall.

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