Coworker Challenge VII

So, we had two no-shows, two guys who forgot their workout clothes, one guy whose preference is for “sprint or squats, but not both,” and one gung-ho idiot.

One guess which one I am.

12/1/09 Pullups Situps Pushups Squats Weight Volume Weighted
Rafe 27 94 (PR) 63 89 171 46,683 33,003 11.31
EP 18 42 38 167 16,366 9,903 13.50
Big Dog
25 38 296 18,648 10,463

So, a somewhat mixed bag, with somewhat less suck than the last couple of iterations. Very pleased with the situps (considering that I stopped 5 seconds early, I have a hundred in my crosshairs), a little disappointed with the sprint and pushups going the wrong way.



  1. what’s the time limit on these again? I figured you were just going to failure until I saw the note about “5 seconds early”

    • Pullups and pushups are to failure; squats and situps are as many as can be done in two minutes.

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