[WotD] Monday, December 7

So, as the second week of the hourly pushup festivities kicks off, things seem to be going pretty well. 30 reps on the hour (more or less), for 9 or 10 sets (depending on whether or not I get out of the office at 1645 as scheduled, or stick past 1700).

Having been interrupted mid-set (12 reps in) by a call, that full set was repeated, for a total of 282 today.  Felt good, really.

There were also some modest, regular-type workout things done.


Mixed-Grip Pullups: 2×12 (each arm)

Dragon Flag: 1×10 / 1×5

MacGuyver GHRs: 1×10

Overhead Press (alternating arms): 1×20 @ 36# KB

Assorted stretching

After Hours:

Deadlifts: 1×10 @ 135 / 2×10 @ 185 / 4×5 @ 225 / 1×5 @ 275

Lateral Raises: 3×15 @ 2×15

Read Flyes: 3×15 @ 2×15


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