So, it feels good to get back around to doing some relatively serious lifting. I had an acute case of the screaming wussies (“Wah, I’m fat, I’m weak, I’m slow, I suck, my dick hurts”) earlier today, but fortunately had a shitty enough time at the office (and in traffic) otherwise to get me torqued off about it and gave me something to try and work off.

Part of the current dip and ennui is seasonal affective disorder, and part of it is knowing that there’s a weigh-in for a company weight loss challenge on 8 Jan, which is kind of lurking at the back of my head as an excuse to fuck off and/or try and bulk up, the better to have extra pounds to drop. Some napkin math says that dropping from 15 BF% @ 170 to 7% @ 153 would be about comprised of about 85% fat in terms of weight lost, which would put me right about where I want to be. Since there’s a 5k at the end of February, and I am going to test-drive one of those Boot Camp things for a month (courtesy of Groupon – $35 instead of $199), this seems at least plausible.

Once I get to that point, I can try and resume getting bigger while remaining as lean as I can manage, and then maintain something I’m comfortable and happy with.

I figure things will be relatively boring — squats, deads, overhead press, power cleans, bench work, and maybe some snatches — in the interest of seeing some specific progress. I may resume 5/3/1 (either correctly, or my accidentally-bastardized 15/9/3 variant) once I’m sure my back is up for it.

On a related note, having someone to challenge yourself with/against is a fine thing. I get tired of competing with myself all the time, and it’s tricky for me to maintain focus and discipline, especially coming back from this annoying back thing. There’s been a lot of attrition at the office gym, and I’ve been somewhat slacktastic as far as being self-starting.

However, between whipping things up over at ShrinkGeek and laying out some groundwork for myself, hopefully I’ll be getting my shit back together.

Just don’t call it a fucking resolution. I will gut you with a goddamned EZ-curl bar.


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