[WotD] Tuesday, December 15

So, after channeling Samuel L. Motherfucking Jackson in a bit of cupcake-flavored aggravation and the Dilbert appetizer, it was time to try and do something productive with that pent-up energy. It did feel good to continue to get back on track, and I want to be roughly where I was in September/October by the beginning of the year, strength-wise, after the recent setback.

After getting stuck in traffic. Twice. Awesome.


Pushups: 10×35 (various configurations)

After Hours:

Front Squat: 3×5 @ 105 (lifted via clean, not from a rack)

Snatch: 1×5 @ 105

Deadlift: 1×5 @ 135 / 3×5 @ 225 / 1×3 @ 295


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