A Year of Digi-Disc Rev. 2.0

So, it’s time to do one of those retrospective, introspective, year-that-was kind of things, I guess.

Some things I may or may not have learned this year, in no particular order:

  1. Achieve for your own sake. You’re the only one who gives a fuck.
  2. There is always going to be someone who knows more than you do. Shut up and learn something. Ask questions and listen to the answers.
  3. There is always going to be someone who knows less than you do. If they’re asking for help, give it. If they’re spouting bullshit, see item 3.
  4. Life is too short for bullshit.
  5. Some people will never like you. Trying to make them happy is a recipe for disaster.
  6. It took 36.5 years, but I’ve finally figured out a way to make eggs that doesn’t make me yark.
  7. People who don’t “get it” look at drive, dedication, and discipline towards self-improvement in much the same way that they view negative addiction-type behaviors.
  8. Satisfaction is good, but it’s not enough.
  9. It’s only money.
  10. Just because you can do it yourself doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it with friends.
  11. Just because something is a good idea doesn’t mean it’ll be popular.
  12. Sometimes you get better at something by doing something else.
  13. Responsibility is hard work, which is why almost nobody wants it.
  14. Anything that has to be described as a “food” or “beverage” on the label isn’t worth eating or drinking, either for the taste or the purported nutritional value.
  15. Yohimbe still makes me poop.
  16. Better living through chemistry is possible, but until they can make capsules or powders that feel or taste as good as a really nice steak, I’m glad I still have my teeth.

1 Comment

  1. I like the bold ones and #2. #3 refers to itself though. Not sure if it was on purpose or if you meant #4.

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