Byline: I’m doing it right

So, Mike did the other half of the workout I posted yesterday at lunch.

He walked back into the office, and the first words out of his mouth were, “I hate you. I may not be able to get up once I sit down.”

I’ll call that a sign of a good workout.

Delving deeper, though, I did want to check that it wasn’t excessively evil, and he didn’t think that was the case. If it was overly onerous, that’s not good. Challenging, yes. Nigh unto impossible, no.

For my own part, since my entire morning’s intake was two cups of coffee and a cup of tea, and I had been running for about four and a half hours on nothing but well-banked, high-test aggravation, I went with something a little less involved, but still uncomfortable.

Kettlebell Swings: 2×50 @ 36#

KB Goblet/Front Squats: 3×10 @ 2×36#

Medicine ball rolling (hamstrings/quads/glutes): 15 very, very painful minutes


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