Well, that sucked

5/3/1 – Deadlift & Bench Day

See also: Bucket of Fail

Note: NSFW-ish image behind the cut; then again, you put up with my coprolalia1 on a regular basis, so you’re probably fucked already.

I didn’t look nearly this good not-lifting weights today.  I need to recalibrate where my deadlift is in the wake of that muscle strain in my low back, because it was certainly letting me know it was still in evidence during my last pull.


Warmup: High Jumps, 2×10; DL 1×10 @ 135 / 1×5 @ 205

Work: 1×5 @ 245 / 1×5 @ 285 / 1×1 @ 3252

Bench Press:

Warmup: Javelin Press, 1×10 @ 45 (each arm), BP 1×10 @ 95

Work: 1×5 @ 145 / 1×5 @ 165 / 1×5+1 @ 1853

1 Yes, you’re going to learn something today. Suck it up.

2 That was supposed to be 1×5+, but once I locked that first rep out, I knew better than to push for any more. Treating with Advil and a hot pad today, and hopefully a massage tomorrow.

3 The 7th rep is where I emulated Ms. “I’m benching 55#” up there, and ended up having to roll the bar off my fucking chest (See, Dave, I told you this shit still happens to me from time to time).


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