Spider curl...?

I would have expected him to use more weight...

So, in the spirit of “Do Unto Others,” I joined Mike for the upper-body portion of that routine today.

It is, in a nutshell, 45 minutes of suck.

Back, Chest & Shoulders

  • DB Bench: 3×15 @ 45
  • DB Row: 3×20 @ 65
  • Front Flye 3×12 @ 25
  • Rear Flye 3×12 @ 15
  • Clean & Press: 1×15 @ 25 / 1×15 @ 30 / 1×12 @ 35
  • Shoulder Complex (Lateral Raise, Front Raise, Upright Row, Curl1): 3×15 @ 12.5
  • Plank Hold: 3×2×30+sec (face down, face right, face left)2

1: Mike initially did them as mini-complexes; ie: one rep of each move, then another rep of each move, etc. While the volume of work is the same, because shoulders respond best to a lot of volume, doing all the reps of each move consecutively, then moving on to the next part of the complex, is recommended.
2: Mike (again!) was doing these the hard way – with a straight arm, rather than a bent elbow, using the entire forearm on the ground for support and stability.

I swear, you’d think the guy was nuts… I mean, other than asking me to come up with a workout routine for him…


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