[WotD] Saturday, January 30

I may or may not have found a recovery option from that lingering tweak in my back when it comes to deadlifts – sumo dealifts. The change in the angle of attack where the main force vector between my glutes/hips meets my lower back seems to pull in a less uncomfortable direction, but I still need to be mindful not to overdo it. Lifting less is frustrating, but lifting nothing at all is even more annoying.

Deadlifts: 2×10 @ 135 / 3×1 @ 205

Power Clean: 1×5 @ 105

Front/Zercher Squats: 1×5 @ 105

Straight-legged Deadlifts: 2×10 @ 105 (first set traditional, second set sumo)

Sumo Deadlifts: 1×5 @ 135 / 1×5 @ 205

My hope is to squat again tomorrow, followed by either bench or overhead press work. As much as I love the deadlift, it may finally be time to put it on the shelf for a few weeks to let my back thoroughly un-fuck itself.

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