[WotD] Sunday, February 7

Without really intending to, I seem to have fallen back into my hybrid of Starting Strength’s 5×5 modality and 5/3/1. Since the first day of boot camp is tomorrow, I guess that means I’m on track for rolling that Su/T/Th/Sa rotation.

Pleasant surprises were to be found under the bar this afternoon.

I’ve also taken to doing assorted 54# kettlebell work whenever my characters in the video games I play level up, so that earns a set of 30-70 reps every hour or so.


Overhead Squat: 2×4 @ 45

Overhead Press: 2×10 @ 45

Back Squat: 1×10 @ 45


Back Squat: 2×5 @ 135 / 1×5 @ 165 / 1×5 @ 185 / 5×5 @ 205 (PR) / 1×4 @ 235 (PR)

Pain-free, felt strong, and just… yeah. It’s good to be back.


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