Pyramid Schemes and Mangled Carols

That would summarize Friday morning’s session.

It was a standard pyramid progression – one rep of a move, a minute of cardio, two reps of a second move, one rep of the first move, a minute of cardio… repeat until the 11th iteration.

Yeah, that’s the boring way to describe it. The fun way, however….

On the second day of Boot Camp, the trainer gave to me (after suitable warmup and stretching):

Eleven tricep presses

Ten bicep curls (standing on each leg)

Nine rear flyes

Eight lateral raises (standing on each leg)

Seven situps (L-sits in my case)

Six pushups

Fiiiiiiiive glute-bridge flyes

Four split squats (each leg)

Three band deadlifts

Two jumping band squats

And a squat-thrust (in a pear tree).

Remembering to eat some fruit and have a cup of coffee before going made a world of difference, as did having some idea of how many reps were happening… I say “some idea” because counting is something of a cat-herding exercise, and almost everything got extra reps (I was doing 8 pushups intentionally – four with one hand centered and the other way out to the side, then swapping hands for four more). That’s contrasted with the end of the session, where the instructor would smoothly rattle off a line about “It’s okay to have some carbs now, since your muscles are primed for glycogen uptake.” (Yeah, that’s a direct quote.)


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