Assorted early-week evils

Fuck you too, Ed.

Fuck you too, Ed.

Monday at boot camp was the unfortunate phrase, “I want you to hit me Go as hard as you can.”

The event in question was (hold on, pulling up Google Maps to get a semi-exact measurement)… a 200 meter sprint. Four times.

That I was far faster than anyone else in the group was not surprising. That my hamstrings were a quivering wreck near the end of the 3rd and 4th sets after going all-out was a little. That I just about sprinted out of my fucking running shoes was kind of annoying.

I didn’t quite puke afterwards, but it was feeling kind of close for a while. It did cause various things in the ol’ GI tract to need to be elsewhere, so I missed out on some of the core work (sit-ups and planks) when I took a brief scurry to the restroom of the gas station across the street.

Then I came up with some bad ideas of my own.

The FNG in my department has been lamenting how weak he’s gotten since he stopped doing gymnastics, and recently got a similar wake-up call to my own high cholesterol scare, so he recalled that I was doing my hourly pushup sets when he came in for his interview, and was faffing about, contemplating it.

“Shut up and do some.” I’m not exactly known for my subtlety. So, late yesterday, he was literally in the middle of “drop and give me twenty” when we were apparently observed by someone from another department, who thought it was some kind of hazing ritual. It wasn’t, but it did get me thinking, so I put the following suggestion forward, to the expected round of whining, ducking, and general scurrying for cover and excuses:

“Okay, fellow tech minions, how about we do a count of new support items opened before 1600 each day, and do that many pushups or situps?”

Today, that number was 58, which is about average lately. Using the Perfect Push-Up, I did 29, 20, and 9, with short breaks in between.  FNG did 12, 10, and 13 before giving up. I don’t suspect anyone else on that particular distro list joined in the fun, but I’m going to try and stick with it for a while, especially since my upper-body strength has really evaporated lately (which is doubly aggravating, since my squat and deadlift seem to be making a comeback).

Speaking of upper-body stuff, it was overhead press day in 5/3/1, week 3.


Overhead Press: 1×5 @ 85 / 1×5 @ 65 / 1×5 @ 45

Javelin Press: 1×5 @ 45 (each arm)

Work Sets:

Overhead Press: 1×3 @ 105 / 1×1 @ 125 / 2×0 @ 135 (goddammit)

Hang Clean: 1×5 @ 115


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