100 Burpee* Challenge

Elsewhere, a friend mused aloud the other day what doing 100 burpees for time would be like, other than a metric bowl of suck.

Not wanting to re-strain my back with squats (as it’s de-load week of 5/3/1 anyway, giving the bar an almost entire miss seemed advisable), this percolated back up to my consciousness, not leastwise because I was chatting via IM with someone else for whom this was a point of interest.

100 reps in 6:07, with partial completion breakdown of:
50 in 2:30
65 in 3:45
85 in 5:10

I suspected that, given the fact I could do them at this pace, that I’d cut a corner somewhere. I had – omitting the pushup portion, and doing very little hop. So, not so much burpees as squat-thrusts. Next time, I’ll do them correctly.

Supplementing this were some empty-bar squats (1×10), curls (1×20), and 135# shrugs (1×25 upright / 1×25 bent over).

* I Googled for proper form** after doing the above.
** Yes, I consider her form to be extremely proper. YMMV.


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