5K Recap & Coworker Challenge IX

We had a couple new faces at the CWC this week; Pablo is apparently quite good at coercion (or maybe he just bats his eyelashes better than I do). How did the new folks do?

And, on the heels of the 100 Squat-Thrust action over the weekend, we added a new event to the proceedings, too.

Oh, and speaking of things that happened over the weekend, I turned in a stirringly crappy performance in the 5k, though it did feature something I haven’t done since High School – throwing up immediately after crossing the finish line.

26:02 (chip time), and I felt like ass the entire way. Windy, rainy, 50-ish – that much was fine. Heartburn, indigestion, and the need to hurl were far more problematic. Apparently, it was the combination of a poor choice of pre-race breakfast (“confused eggs” – semi-scrambled with salsa, ham, jalapenos, and cheese) and an ill-considered energy drink, which combined to sit really poorly. A post-race post-mortem with my parents revealed that my dad also has had bad luck with eggs for breakfast on race day, so there’s a mistake not to repeat.

I may go for a reprise in two weeks for a Shamrock run, or, more probably, the first weekend in April, work schedule permitting (I can’t run and answer tech support calls at the same time, amazingly enough).

3/02/10 Pullups Situps Pushups Squats Weight Volume Weighted
Rafe 28 94 70 58 175.5 43,875 29,466 1:53.11 (PR)
Pablo 9 65 56 57 202 37,774 25,846 2:39.38
EP 19 57 62 40 (PR) 170 30,260 20,800 2:34 (40)
3 43 38 184.5 15,498 8,238 2:30 (37)
Ms. A 1/2 44 46 53 2:36.22

Yeah, a girl showed up and made some of the boys look bad (though she did concede a little bit the moral high ground by doing knee push-ups). It’s a wonder it took us this long to talk her into joining in the festivities, really.

One change was made to the squat event (reducing it to one minute, instead of two), since it fell at the end, after the timed blitz to 50 squat-thrusts (or slightly less, for *ahem* some people). I’m pretty pleased with how much quicker I was today than on Sunday, though, admittedly, I knew I was in for the longer haul at that session.



  1. Three pull-ups, sixty-one situps, thirty-five push-ups, thirty-seven squats (but I did ’em all the way down).

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