Some days you’re the bug, and some days you’re the windshield.

I was the windshield, splattered with bugs, all day at the office.  I was the bug getting scraped off the wiper blades under the bar at home.

15/9/3 – Bench Press (week 1)


Curls: 2×10 @ 45 / 1×5 @ 95

Overhead Press: 1×15 @ 45

Bench Press: 1×15 @ 45 / 1×10 @ 95


Bench Press: 3×5 @ 135 / 3×5 @ 155 / 1×5 @ 175 (fail on 6th rep)


Bench Press: 1×10 @ 135

Shrug: 1×20 @ 175

Felt like ass from the get-go, but at least I think I ballparked my working 1RM fairly accurately at about 205. Throughout the day, I did several sets of pullups and kettlebell cleans / clean & press as both supplemental exercise and sanity saver.

“Yes, the reason your computer rebooted is because the building lost power.” I wish I was kidding about having to say that today.


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