One Hundred and Two, plus Ninety-One

Lunch yesterday was punctuated with the questionable notion of doing a hundred burpees, for time, as suggested by a friend.

Oh, why the hell not?

Warmed up with some stretching and kettlebell swings and clean & presses, then tucked myself into a corner with some White Zombie and Ministry on the headphones.


Splits were 30 @ 2:30 / 50 @ 4:30 / 80 @ 7:50

Obviously, slower than just doing squat-thrusts (6:07, two weeks ago), but really not that horrible to engage in. I could/should probably jump higher, but, enh.

At around rep 94, the thought floated across my mind, “I could be a real asshole and do another hundred…” Maybe next time.

Followed that up with an easy two mile jog.

After work, I inflicted my own bad idea on a coworker, based loosely on Charles Poliquin’s interview at T-Nat – do X number of reps with a buddy, taking turns when the other guy taps out.

X = 60

Move = Pullup

Rather than just stand around waiting for him to finish, I kept alternating sets until he topped 60 (he finished with 62). I ended up with 91 total, mostly in sets of five or six towards the end.


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