Weekend Workouts


The “+” is a new addition. Since lifting for a year and a half leaves me somewhere between the end of “beginner” and the early part of “intermediate” in terms of strength and development (note: this is not going by the eryx.net strength metrics, this is a bit more seat-of-the-pants, how I view myself on the continuum), I’ve begun incorporating a slightly different finisher to my main lift for each workout, based on this article at EliteFTS. I’m already doing 3×5 at the max weight, so stepping the load down by 20% and doing a long set is a novelty, and it feels pretty good to do.

In other news, I used a gift certificate to buy padded gym floor panels, which has already proved to be a good move. Not the cheapest things in the world, at $2 a square foot (I got two 24 sq ft packs, which was exactly what I needed to cover my floor lifting area and go under the rack). Pain-free deadlifting was a lovely thing today.

Now, on to the lifts, with footnotes!

Saturday: Bench Press


Bench Press: 1×12 @ 45 / 2×10 @ 95 / 1×5 @ 135

Work Sets:

Bench Press1: 3×5 @ 155 / 3×5 @ 175 / 1×15 @ 145


Pullups: 1×10 / 1×5

Glute Bridges: 1×15 @ 145

Rack Pulls2: 1×10 @ 135 / 1×10 @ 225 / 1×6 @ 295

Sunday: Deadlift


Deadlift: 1×10 @ 135 / 1×8 @ 185 / 1×5 @ 225

Work Sets:

Deadlift3: 3×5 @ 255 / 3×5 @ 275 / 3×5 @ 295 / 1×10 @ 225


Pullups: 4×10

1 For each set, I worked my way inwards – first set was pinkie on the rings, second was mid-knurl, third was index finger on the inner edge of the knurl. I want to develop evenly across the muscle, as well as make sure my triceps get enough work. Given how tight/sore they were that evening, I’d call it a success.
2 With the new rack, this is only about the top 4-6″ of my deadlift, on the lowest I can put the supports. If partials are going to be done, I’ll be going with Jack Pulls to get the correct depth, or finding some way to elevate my feet (standing on plates, etc).
3 I found myself needing to go to a mixed grip earlier than expected, at 275, so I would do two or three reps with my right hand supinated, then switch. The longer set at 225 was 6 reps double-overhand, then two reps with each mixed grip.

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