Pressing My Luck

Well, not really, but two straight days of pressing moves have pretty much blasted my shoulders to bits.  The overhead press (OHP) is  my weakest move, which means I suck at it and hate doing it, which means I should do it more.

Fucking iron logic. That’s what I get for being the bad cop.

Tuesday, 15/9/3+


Overhead Press: 1×10 @ 45 / 1×10 @ 65 / 1×10 @ 75

Work Sets:

Overhead Press: 3×5 @ 85 / 3×5 @ 95 / 3×5 @ 105


Pullups: 4×10

Kettlebell OHP: 1×15 @ 36

Jogging: 2.25 miles @ 19:10

Wednesday, Gym Jones Six-Way Barbell Complex

First three complexes are for 6 reps @ 75, 95, and 115; finishing set* is 3 reps at 135




Hang Clean

Front Squat

Push Press*

Back Squat



Pullups: 3×10

Jogging: 1.5 miles @ 12:00

*As laid out by Gym Jones, there should have been two sets at 135, and there was some additional stuff afterwards, but I called off the dogs after badly missing the first push press (an overhead press with some leg assist) at 135. The last thing I need to do is brain myself with the bar and have the neighborhood cats gnaw on my corpse.


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