The snatch

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Reminder for the fitness folks: Tomorrow is the Coworker Challenge.  It has been suggested by Pablo at the office that, in lieu of the max-rep pushups, we do a different style of volume “pushing” work – his notion is to use the bench press machine and everyone can self-select a weight and rep out on it, to give a reps x weight comparison.  We did like the “race to 50” squat thrusts (with or without pushup component), so that may continue to take the place of the timed squat event. Pullups and situps remain unchanged, however.

However you want to play along at home, feel free to join in the shenanigans.
I was surprisingly tired after the race, and my knees were tight cranky all weekend, which blunted my plan to do moderately heavy leg work on Sunday. Instead, I decided to play with a little bit of explosiveness work, in the form of front squats and full barbell snatches. Being new to the latter move, my form is not all it could/should be, but I was gratified to be able to get 135# from the floor to overhead and near lockout in one fairly smooth pull. Once I can get comfortable with the dip-to-catch portion of the move – which will carry over into power cleans as well – I anticipate my capacity in this to ramp up fairly substantially. I was, however, able to press up to lockout the last few inches, which was good. I can’t successfully overhead press 135# (yet) with any kind of regularity, and being able to OHP my bodyweight is one of my goals by year’s end.

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